Replace KcmFontinst with kio_fonts

Craig Drummond Craig.Drummond at
Thu Mar 13 10:24:47 GMT 2003

> > handle mixed font types in the same dir, it has its own mechanism for
> > creatnig fonts.dir and fonts.scale (it doesn't use mkfontdir, ttmkfdir,
> or
> > mkfontscale).
> >
> > Craig.
> Actually this is wrong. On some distributions (I can think of two right
> off
> the bat: Mandrake and SuSE) the font cache and scale files are generated
> by
> the system level config tools (drakefont amd SuSEConfig respectively).
> Thes
> e 
> applications are designed to have the different font types in their own 
> directory.

Well then thats a bug on their side - it s stoooooopid to *force* users to
have to use *different* directories for fonts just because their different
types. Anyway, your average user is just going to install TrueType and Type1
fonts - and I would imagine (and *hope*) that these distros use mkfontscale to
create fonts.scale, and then mkfontdir to create fonts.dir. Doing this would
mean that Type1, TrueType, and bitmap fonts can all exist in 1 folder.
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> Gary L. Greene, Jr.


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