[PATCH] Fix 49564 - please review

Ravikiran Rajagopal ravi at ee.eng.ohio-state.edu
Wed Mar 12 17:53:17 GMT 2003

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> Almost. When I said "file starts with [$i]" I ment the file contents, not
> the file name.
Ah, I see. I went nuts trying to figure out what you meant. This would then 
just be simply looking at bFileImmutable as you pointed out.

> Other than that, when you do
> 	if (config->readBoolEntry("CheckConfigFilesWritable",TRUE))
> I don't think that any group is set. The command before does a hasGroup(),
> not a setGroup().
I thought about it. The trouble is this: which group does this need to go in? 
I could not think of a relevant group. Perhaps the action restrictions group 
is acceptable in order for the Kiosk framework to not show warnings? In that 
case, where does the user need to have it to disable this warning on a per 
app or per user basis? Or should we assume that the file being unwritable is 
always unintentional?

> And why are parts between #ifdef Q_WS_X11 ? None of this is X specific.
I don't know whether kdialog (the app) exists in the environment of embedded 
applications (I had Konq/E in mind). Is there a way of checking whether we 
are in a "normal" KDE environment? Or should I just rely on the findExe() 
call returning null.

I greatly appreciate your reviewing multiple versions of this patch. I am 
still learning my way around kdecore, and it has been great that people have 
been willing to correct me in a collegial manner.

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