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Tue Mar 11 18:10:25 GMT 2003

On Tue, Mar 11, 2003 10:05:19 at 10:05:19AM -0500, Maks Orlovich (mo002j at wrote:
> > Back to the current threads now. I have read in the glib thread:
> > > If one project wastes too much time with inter-operability work, and
> > > thus slows down the work on innovative features that may be more
> > > important for users, this may be the end for it.
> >
> > This
> > (*!*)(and the underlying assumption that the active KDE developers
> > know what is always better for all users, and want to deliver it as an
> No, for one thing, don't confuse my opinions with opions of "active KDE 
> developers'. Opinions differ. We argue.
I know that perfectly. I have read the whole thread from which I extracted that
quote. I was reacting to that *part* of the KDE community which agrees
with the statement I quoted. As far as I am concerned, I can confirm
that reading such statements I immediately thought "hey, *these guys
who say so* must really believe that they were blessed to speak for
the whole world". I was careless to equate "these guys who say so" to
(all?) "active KDE developers", on that you are definitely right: I am sorry
about that. Maybe I should have written, in the line with (*!*) above,
"(as well as some other people's assumption that KDE...)

> Claiming that we're unanimous is as 
> misleading and dishonest as claiming you're just a regular user.
I am not sure that I understand that last part. What do you mean?
Whatever gave you the idea that I'm claiming to be a regular GNOME,
Bluecurve, or KDE user? I said exactly the opposite. As far as we are
concerned here, computer users can be divided in three categories:

1) those who will never use any "integrated *nix desktop",
   for whatever reason.

2) those who use the 100% pure Gnome or the 100% pure KDE

3) those who cannot use or try any (part) of them because of the "all or
   nothing" attitude 

We can ignore #1 (even if, I suspect, several people stay there
because of the kind of integration they find today in both projects)

#2 are people who are happy with what they are using, because it's
cool, and does satisfy all their computer needs. I never dreamed to
speak for them, or to tell them that they are wrong. If it works for
them, fine

I was referring (see my other postings) to the 3rd category: the
many potential users of kmail, kword, etc... that are left out by the
current architecture of both projects.
I erroneously assumed that this was evident from the context.

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