An user point of view on KDE and the glib issue

Maks Orlovich mo002j at
Tue Mar 11 15:05:19 GMT 2003

> Back to the current threads now. I have read in the glib thread:
> > If one project wastes too much time with inter-operability work, and
> > thus slows down the work on innovative features that may be more
> > important for users, this may be the end for it.
> This (and the underlying assumption that the active KDE developers
> know what is always better for all users, and want to deliver it as an

No, for one thing, don't confuse my opinions with opions of "active KDE 
developers'. Opinions differ. We argue. Claiming that we're unanimous is as 
misleading and dishonest as claiming you're just a regular user.

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