Enhanced MacOS style top menu bar

Chris Lee clee at extrasensory.biz
Wed Mar 12 01:09:52 GMT 2003

Hmmm. Would anyone object to including at least the changes to 
kmenubar.{h,cpp}? They don't really change anything from the current 
behavior, and if nobody objects, I'll commit.

Comments on including the Kicker applet?


On Tuesday, March 11, 2003, at 11:27  AM, Friedrich W. H. Kossebau 

> Hi,
> if you follow this link
>   http://www.liacs.nl/home/snijssen/kmenuapplet/
> you will find the code of someone who took his time to code something
> along that line (fetched out of my bookmarks, in the folder 
> "interesting
> additions").
> But don't ask me why it has never been included into KDE mainstream.
> Maybe the author didn't do enough promotion or did it at noisy times.
> I would like to have it in KDE, too. This way the MACOS-styled bar 
> makes
> more sense to me. For small resolutions there would be really a gain in
> screen space.
> If I understood the GNOME screenshots correctly they already have such 
> a
> MAC-style top bar (search below http://www.gnome.org/start/2.2), so
> there shouldn't be any legal conflicts.
> Taking your email as a raiser I will copy this to KDE-Devel and the
> author, Siegfried Nijssen, and ask my question now publically:
> Why has this kmenuapplet never been added to KDE?
> Friedrich
> Pedro Palhoto Matos wrote:
>> The top bar is really useful in saving up space with various windows,
>> though it could seriously get some enhanced features:
>> - clock;
>> - Kmenu and
>> - program list (with hide/show capabilities).
>> Use MacOS 7 to 9 to get the idea.
>> I only use the windows style task bar because those features are 
>> missing
>> in the common upper menu bar.
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