remote execution via SSH (fish protocol maybe)

Tim Jansen tim at
Tue Mar 11 18:29:43 GMT 2003

On Tuesday 11 March 2003 12:36, Willy De la Court wrote:
> Wat is the best way to execute commands remotely via SSH from within a KDE
> application.
> I was thinking of extending the fish protocol to allow remote execution.
> This would not interfere with the normal usage in konqueror but i'v not
> looked into it yet.

I would love this feature, because I will also need something like this in a 
few months.
Using fish is a good solution IMHO. It already provides most of what is 
needed, and has the advantage that there is only a single authentication 
system (which may not be the case if you access the config files over fish 
but use a different mechanism to execute programs).


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