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Tue Mar 11 18:18:52 GMT 2003

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On Tuesday March 11, 2003 10:05, Craig Drummond wrote:
> > Please don't do this.  KIO is a nice flexible backend tool, but it's a
> > lousy user interface.  Konqueror is nice for viewing files, but it's
> > not a
> >
> > generic system administration tool.  Please don't force users to treat
> > it as one.
> But surely this makes the job of installing fonts easier, and more
> intuitive?

I think a determined UI designer can do a better job than a hope that 
"intution" will make the user know what to do.

> It's the way most other OS's do it - and even GNOME will be
> uing fonts:/ to install fonts (although I agree this doesn't necessarily
> make it a good idea).

Right.  It's not a good idea. :-)

> Fonts are just files, and all a user wants to do
> is copy these somewhere where they can then be used.

Maybe to you they are files.  But to a user, they are a system service just 
like an application.  Also, on most X systems, installing fonts is more 
than just copying files around.  Any KDE UI should be equipped to handle 
such systems.

> Having to start
> KControl just top copy some files seems a bit backward.  I fail to see
> how asking users to use a file manager to manage files is treeting
> konqueror as a sys admin tool. After all, you can ftp and browse the web
> with konqueror - surely it should be able to manage font files?

Sure, it *could*, but throwing away opportunites for good UI design is the 
step backward.
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