glib in kdesupport: yes or no?

Marc Mutz Marc.Mutz at
Mon Mar 10 20:55:42 GMT 2003

On Monday 10 March 2003 20:09, Christoph Cullmann wrote:
> On Monday 10 March 2003 20:30, Marc Mutz wrote:
> > On Monday 10 March 2003 16:30, Christoph Cullmann wrote:
> > > but don't want to link against a gpl
> > > lib, amusing, at least in my eyes :)
> > So how is the KDE requirement of kdelibs being LGPL (X11, BSD, etc,
> > and explicitely _not_ GPL) any different?
> Have I said they should switch gnome libs to GPL ? We use qt, which
> is GPL and our libs are lgpl, where is there the problem :/

Qt surely doesn't fall into the category of libs that'd live outside of 
the gnome equivalent of kdelibs, does it?


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