glib in kdesupport: yes or no?

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at
Mon Mar 10 20:47:45 GMT 2003

On Monday 10 March 2003 00:34, Adam Treat wrote:
> Hey, I think common specs are fine as long as the spec is good.  We will
> probably still run into some fundamental differences though.  However, I
> don't think you should play down the implementation details.  Can you even
> tell us if you guys are willing to use C++ for any of this?  The stuff on
> your list that is not specs: config, sound system, component/runtime, VFS
> and KIO are not trivial pieces.  I don't want KDE to abandon a successful
> strategy where we use Qt as an underlying basis.

E.g. ioslaves run in a separate process, so the process which is using them 
doesn't have to link to the libraries which the ioslave links to.
The data is transferred over a pipe, and I think the control commands also go 
through this pipe, so this could be done the same way from a non 

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