An user point of view on KDE and the glib issue

Guillaume Laurent glaurent at
Mon Mar 10 17:06:41 GMT 2003

On Sunday 09 March 2003 16:31, M. Fioretti wrote:
> Not the average *nix newbie of this period, who
> just needs a desktop quickly.

Well, if you want a non-integrated desktop which is actually just a GUI 
launching apps, then it's available right now.

If on the other hand you really do want a desktop, then the quickest way to 
get it is to stick to C++/Qt/KDE to develop applications, with a bit of glue 
here and there to help integrate better large non-KDE apps like OpenOffice, 
which can't realistically be replaced by KDE equivalents anytime soon.

However that way will never be accepted, so we'll have to spend more time on 
the glue bits, so that nobody's ego gets too hurt.


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