glib in kdesupport: yes or no?

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Mon Mar 10 16:30:46 GMT 2003

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> The problem is -- at least from our perspective -- that the overwhelming
> burden of "compromise" seems to fall on the KDE community.  From all of the
> concrete examples that I've seen thus far "compromise" == "do things the
> Gnome way".  I may have missed these things since I'm not subscribed to the
> relevant lists, but could you give some example of Gnome compromising and
> doing things the KDE way?
> I don't think it's fair to expect the KDE community to link to the core
> libraries of the Gnome project while saying that the Gnome project is not
> willing to link to the core libraries of the KDE project.  I know, I know,
> "tainted by the GPL" or whatever, but that just doesn't seem like the way
> that things are supposed to work.
> Fundamentally here it seems like the free software community is taking a
> kick in the shins to protect proprietary software.
> And note here that I'm not completely against proprietary software, I just
> don't think that we should bend over backwards to make easier for
> proprietary software to the disadvantage of other free projects.
Yep, agree on that.

With most interop. steps we only get new libs (as no side wants to depend of a 
lib of the other) or depencies on gnome/gtk/glib stuff, but never the other 
way around :/ I mean, sure, glib for example is no bad piece of software, we 
can use it if it will make the code better maintainable or so. But on the 
other side: If the gnome project wants to get good interop. with kde, it 
should consider that this goal can not be reached by only let kde adopt their 

In short: I think the policy "no qt lib, as it is gpl" of the gnome project 
should be reconsidered :/ They run around as the GNU Network ....... project 
but don't want to link against a gpl lib, amusing, at least in my eyes :)


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