KSplash/ML donation?

Brian Ledbetter brian at shadowcom.net
Mon Mar 10 14:14:08 GMT 2003


Now that I think of it, I would also like to propose an update to the DCOP API which KSplash/ML
uses.  If you look in the KSplash/ML code, there is a parallel set of DCOP slots which provide 
a more flexible interface to KSplash.  Essentially, instead of emitting static DCOP signals 
(like KSplash::kickerStarted()), you can pass a generic signal, containing the program being
launched, an icon (optionally displayed by the ThemeEngine) and a descriptive string of what 
action is being performed.  The new DCOP API for KSplash looks like this:

	KSplash::setStartupItemCount( int );
		int count;

		Set the total number of items which will appear in the
		KSplash/ML startup sequence.  Emitting this signal later
		will reconfigure KSplash/ML's internal progress meters.

	KSplash::programStarted( QString, QString, QString );
		QString programIcon;
		QString programName;
		QString description;

		Instructs KSplash/ML to display the currently-launching 
		program.  Some ThemeEngines may or may not display the
		arguments passed here - for example, XpLike does not
		display the program's icon, whereas MacClassic will
		not display any descriptive text about the current action.


		Ends the KSplash/ML execution cycle, which causes the
		exit timeout counter to start.
If this API is acceptable, I would be happy to put in the effort of porting the existing KDE
applications (KWin, kicker, kdesktop) to use it.


Brian Ledbetter <brian at shadowcom.net>

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