glib in kdesupport: yes or no?

Waldo Bastian bastian at
Sun Mar 9 14:07:08 GMT 2003

On Sunday 09 March 2003 09:59, Neil Stevens wrote:
> On Sunday March 09, 2003 12:42, Stefan Westerfeld wrote:
> > And if you still think KDE and GNOME are seperate projects, and for that
> > reason don't want to install glib-2.0 on your system, I think you're
> > keeping up the illusion that KDE and GNOME are working on different
> > goals. They are not. Thus, this is no valid reason for me.
> For some of us, your aims to make an inconsistent, least-common-denominator
> amalgam of GNOME and KDE are not valid reasons to add a new dependency to
> KDE 3.2.

I think your statement that Stefan aims to make an "inconsistent, 
least-common-denominator amalgam" are not based on facts but rather reflect a 
somewhat irrational fear on your part.

I think you try to say "lowest-common-denominator" but I don't see any support 
for that opinion. I don't see how the use of glib would lower any aspect of 
KDE, in fact I think it would only improve KDE in certain areas: Those area's 
where now homegrown C-based solutions are used. If part of those solutions 
could be replaced with glib functionality it would be an improvement because 
the more common glib functionality has most likely received more testing and 
there are more people already familar with glib making maintenance easier.

Second, I think that the sharing of code between GNOME and KDE can improve 
consistency of the user experience when it results in common features. A part 
of the KDE userbase may never use non-KDE applications but I think a 
substantial other part mixes KDE and non-KDE applications. I think that the 
ability to mix KDE and non-KDE applications when using the KDE environment is 
a very important feature for KDE that plays a very critical role for its 
acceptance by users. If you agree with me that this ability is indeed very 
important for our userbase, then I think you will also agree that we should 
do our best to provide as much consistency as possible for that scenario. 
After all, dekstop consistency is one of the few stated goals of the KDE 

I think that the adoption of glib for certain tasks within KDE will make it 
easier to achieve such consistency.

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