Hamish Rodda meddie at
Sun Mar 9 08:52:59 GMT 2003

On Sunday 09 March 2003 18:55, Ralf Nolden wrote:
> Another question is what will become out of the xrandr kcm module in
> kdenonbeta. AFAIK it requires patching kdelibs and has stuff that will be
> in Qt 3.2.

Yes, Qt 3.2 is a run-time dependency.  I'm happy to continue maintainership of 
the module.

Thanks to Lubos (most of) the kde patches have been integrated into cvs, we 
just need to remove the #ifdef XRANDR_SUPPORT when we require qt 3.2.

> If we assume that KDE 3.2 can possibly require Qt 3.2 and those patches in
> kdenonbeta for xrandr support are included by Trolltech (we need to make
> that sure - Harri, Matthias, anyone ?) and the patches for kdelibs are in
> place this module should be included in KDE 3.2 so we have direct XFree 4.3
> support (which is what many people will be using anyway by then through
> their distros). A can check for the presence of the XFree
> header file extensions so that the kcm module only gets compiled if XFree
> 4.3 is present during compile time.

We have that check already, in kdenonbeta/kcmrandr.

There is one problem still with the qt randr support (unless it's been 
resolved?) that makes including this in a release a bit problematic: font 
sizes in running apps are incorrect after changing resolutions (they need to 
be updated, and the gui re-layout-ed I'd say).


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