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On Samstag, 8. März 2003 15:04, Daniel Molkentin wrote:
> Modules that need a new maintainer (essential):
> ====================================
> kcmbackground (has basically been rewritten by quite some people ;)
Didn't Waldo and Aaron take care of that with their last changes that got 
reverted because they didn't work too good for 3.1 ? What happened to those 
usability patches ?

> kcmfiletypes
> kcmicons

You can assign those to me. I guess tackat will come up with his wishlists to 
me anyway, so I don't mind taking maintainership over these.

> Modules that will be *(re-)moved*:
> ===========================
> kcmlilo (aka "lilo-config" in bugzilla)
> kfontmgr

Why do those get removed ? Do you at least plan to create a last tarball from 
the sources so people who want to include that in their builds can still have 
access to them easily ? (I can understand the kcmlilo but the fontmgr did a 
pretty good job in helping people to get their TTFs configured right, 
especially with StarOffice 5.2 (which is still in use in many places).

Another question is what will become out of the xrandr kcm module in 
kdenonbeta. AFAIK it requires patching kdelibs and has stuff that will be in 
Qt 3.2.

If we assume that KDE 3.2 can possibly require Qt 3.2 and those patches in 
kdenonbeta for xrandr support are included by Trolltech (we need to make that 
sure - Harri, Matthias, anyone ?) and the patches for kdelibs are in place 
this module should be included in KDE 3.2 so we have direct XFree 4.3 support 
(which is what many people will be using anyway by then through their 
distros). A can check for the presence of the XFree header 
file extensions so that the kcm module only gets compiled if XFree 4.3 is 
present during compile time.


> Cheers,
>   Daniel
> PS: Please check if your email address in bugzilla is still recent so you
> get notified about new bugs in your component!
> PPS: Any contribution to KControl is welcome :)

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