[PATCH] Fix 53360 - String leak in DCOPClient

Waldo Bastian bastian at kde.org
Sat Mar 8 23:55:44 GMT 2003

On Saturday 08 March 2003 23:46, Ravikiran Rajagopal wrote:
> Hello,
>   The following patch fixes bug 53360 for me. However, I am not familiar
> with the internals of DCOPClient; it is possible that this patch is
> unnecessary (in which case it is harmless). Is it ok to commit?

This has been mostly fixed in r1.156 already. That still needs backporting to 
the 3.1 branch though. I would indeed add proper initialisation in the 
constructor to catch the (theoretical?) case where IceProtocolSetup doesn't 
set them to anything.

> On a
> related note, is it ok to send messages like this (regarding kdelibs fixes)
> to kde-core-devel or should I use kde-devel for this?

On kde-core-devel they are more likely to get the attention that they deserve.

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