Confirm bugs! (Was: Re: About 3.2 - note to bugfixers)

Christian Loose christian.loose at
Fri Mar 7 17:51:17 GMT 2003

Am Freitag, 7. März 2003 17:59 schrieb Roger Larsson:
> Confirming bugs is more important than closing!

I think, I'd prefer a closed bug over a confirmed bug. ;-)

> I have a stored query in that lists my bugs.
> Of the 47 I have reported
> 17 are CLOSED, 18 are RESOLVED (I usually do not list them)
> 3 NEW, 1 ASSIGNED, 1 REOPENED - OK, no problem there.
> But I do also have 7 UNCONFIRMED.
> Some have got no comments than mine. Some got a comment from
> another user that it is confirmed. But how to change the State to
> CONFIRMED? Who is allowed to do that? Why can't ordinary users
> do that?
> /RogerL

<wild idea>
Maybe we need a QA team? Not a highly organized team. Just a group of people 
that spent some free time helping the developers to manage the bug database.
There seems to be always some people that like to help out but can't program 
nor have the language skills to write documentation or to translate the 
applications. So this could be a task for those people.

Needed Skills:
- compile KDE from source
- read kde-cvs and kde-bugs-dist

- confirm bugs (that they exists or that they are fixed)
- add information, backtraces, testcases to bug reports
- test new features or bug fixes
</wild idea>

What do you think? How could we get people to do this?


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