Spell Checking built into KTextEdit?

Jason Keirstead jason at keirstead.org
Thu Mar 6 23:23:08 GMT 2003

On March 6, 2003 07:16 pm, Scott Wheeler wrote:
> On Friday 07 March 2003 0:01, Jason Keirstead wrote:
> > If people are open to this idea I would volenteer to do the coding for
> > it, I already made a check as you type plugin for Kopete whose need would
> > be eliminated if this avenue was
> > persued.
> Don and I have kicked this around some.  Basically it's pretty easy once
> the highlighter class is ready to be moved to kdelibs.  But it's not.  I've
> already added highlighting in KHTML text boxes to the feature plan.  This
> will be the means.  In fact we had a working prototype, it's just not ready
> to go in.

Ah ok. I wasn't sure the development was being coordinated. Nice to see though.

One thing I have in my plugin that I miss in KMail is the ability to right click on a
misspelled word and get the list of possible corrections. Any plans for this in the
KTextEdit ?

Jason Keirstead, BCS

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