About 3.2 - note to bugfixers

George Staikos staikos at kde.org
Thu Mar 6 18:43:55 GMT 2003

On Thursday 06 March 2003 04:51, Stephan Kulow wrote:
> This weekend the formula one season starts. How about we start our bug race
> season this weekend too? And I want to see it even more exciting than the
> ferrari celebration sport! Currently you can get in the top 15 with as few
> as 5 closed bug reports. Close your 5 bugs _today_.
> Just two little reminders:
>   * you can subscribe to kde-bugs-dist at kde.org if you want
>      to help with first level support - here you see all incoming bugs, so
> you can close the invalid ones, the report questions or the duplicates
> right away. This helps a lot in keeping the database clean while the usual
> developers miss the time (and it has less volume than kde-cvs :)

   Please please please note:  Do not close bugs if you do not know anything 
about it, just to raise your score!  Also, be careful that you do not close 
bugs that happen to only be fixed in one branch and still can be back or 
forward ported!  This is particularily important for KHTML related bugs since 
the branches are so different right now.  Many bugs are obvious duplicates or 
clearly invalid (sometimes not even related to KDE at all), but it happens 
too often that valid bugs get closed.  One other area to use extreme caution 
with is security related bugs.  Those should only be closed by the author of 
the code himself, and if he cannot reproduce the problem or show hard 
evidence why it is not a problem, he should contact someone more knowledgable 
in these areas.


George Staikos

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