glib dependancy in KDE3.x

Stefan Westerfeld stefan at
Thu Mar 6 11:31:53 GMT 2003


On Thu, Mar 06, 2003 at 12:02:35PM +0100, Werner Trobin wrote:
> Are we talking about glib 1.2.x or glib 2.x here? The library I'm developing 
> (wv2, the .doc importer for KWord) depends on libgsf, which in turn depends 
> on libxml2 (already a KDE dependency) and glib2 (*some* 2.x version).
> Due to that I also support your idea of depending on glib, as long as it's 
> glib 2.x :-)

Yes, I think glib-2.x is the one to use (for instance because the good
threading support in glib-2.0).

> P.S. How do you plan to detect glib in configure checks? Do you plan to use 
> pkg-config? Should KDE provice .pc files too? If we decide to do that, we'd 
> probably have to extend pkg-config a bit...

Probably we should use pkg-config, yes. Its much simpler than anything else.

If we do that, there is no reason for KDE not to provide its own .pc files.
I have found that once you understand what it does, package config is an
extremely useful tool for locating dependancy libraries. This would also
allow me to get rid of the badly hacked artsc-config shell script in the
long run.

I am sure that contributions to package config made with the goal to be able
to use package config for KDE as well will be gladly accepted into package
config development.

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