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On Tuesday 04 Mar 2003 2:53 pm, Lauri Watts wrote:
> On Tuesday 04 March 2003 11.04, David Pashley wrote:
> > Okay, that may have been my fault. The problem is that the kde-info2html
> > script needs to know where some files are installed. If you look at line
> > 461, you will see $prefix=/usr. This needs to get the correct value from
> > automake. I think the correct thing to to would be to move
> > kde-info2html.conf to and use autoconf to get the
> > correct value for the directories.
> Two points: I've just redone the KHelpcenter Layouts, to use the new
> website graphics and something similar to their style.  Don't spend too
> much time on this if it's just broken layout, we can take a look at
> rewriting that sometime fairly soon, but not until I've nailed a stable
> layout (the one that's there looks pretty good to me, but it's still got a
> few quirks, so it will be tweaked in the next few days.)
> The second, if it's just a matter of trying to locate the
> $KDEDIR/share/doc/HTML/<lang>/common directory, and considering the
> kioslave is for use within KHelpCenter and Konqueror, you may be able to
> use the solution we do in the Docs themselves, which is to actually use a
> help:/common/ url for the graphics and stylesheets.
This is used for the large lightbulb AIUI, but everything else uses file:.

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