Weird info ioslave

David Pashley david at
Tue Mar 4 10:04:03 GMT 2003

Luis Pedro Coelho said, and I quote:
> Em Domingo 02 Março 2003 19:40, Andras Mantia escreveu:
> >  Since some time the info ioslave is a little broken. Take a look at the
> > screnshot (kdelibs & kdebase from today).
> >
> > Andras
> Hi,
> Just to say that I have been digging into the info kioslave latelly and would 
> like to solve this and other problems. So if anyone else would like to tackle 
> this, please drop me a line to avoid duplicate work or merging conflicts.
> Thanks,

Okay, that may have been my fault. The problem is that the kde-info2html
script needs to know where some files are installed. If you look at line
461, you will see $prefix=/usr. This needs to get the correct value from
automake. I think the correct thing to to would be to move
kde-info2html.conf to and use autoconf to get the
correct value for the directories.

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