Kudos on the release of KDE 3.1

Alex Zepeda zipzippy at sonic.net
Sat Mar 1 08:44:46 GMT 2003

It's been a good two or three months since I've been able to actually
build arts+kdelibs+kdebase to completion.  So imagine my suprise when this
latest release is by far the best release of KDE I've ever used (rather,
by release I mean the cvs update I did the other night).

Konqueror is in general far more responsive than I ever remember it or kfm
being (I'm still using a P2-450 with 128mb ram and a horribly slow
debugging kernel).

Font anti-aliasing works (for whatever reason Qt has some trouble with Xft
and Xft2 being installed).

The documentation works (this is the first time I've ever seen the docu
work locally).

If only gcc could improve like this.  Mumblemumble Apple should have used
TenDRA instead.  Oh well, different list.


- alex

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