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On Monday 30 June 2003 11:20, Benjamin Meyer wrote:
> Geiseri also gave me the idea of having a comment mode where if KAutoConfig
> saw the entry CommentConfig == true it would spit out all of the WhatsThis
> to the config as comments.  A easy simple way to get config documentation
> that is actually up to date.  What do you think?

interesting idea... one challenge to making this effective is that the sort of 
comments you'll want in a config file versus the sort of help you want in the 
GUI are pretty different... as a trivial example:

GUI: "Select a blending style to be used in the titlebar from this list."
Config: "The type of gradient used in the titlebar, may be one of Foo, Bar or 

not insurmountable, just that you'd probably end up with situations where 
either the GUI or the config comment were slightly odd for the given context.

> On a different topic I personally think WhatsThis is a waste of space in
> its current form.  The user needs some sort of intication (Like designers
> little circle numbers for tab order on widgets!)

i remember Apple's balloon help mode, where everything you moused over would 
show it's associated balloon. a bit annoying, but nice and handy for new 
users getting the lay of the land. more important, i think, is exactly what 
you point out as the greatest problem:

> of what _has_ a WhatsThis 
> sense most things don't.  After clicking on two or three things and finding
> they have no info most users never use it again.

yes, this is another janitorial job that needs to get done: comprehensive 
WhatsThis in all the configuration and other complex dialogs... yet another 
reason to use UI files, as doing what's this tends to be faster in designer 

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