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On Monday 30 June 2003 14:48, Ian Reinhart Geiser wrote:
> I know we love to live in our geek fantasy world, but i can assure you this
> is not the case.  Outside of a few KDE hackers, rarely is a text editor
> used in ~/.kde/share/config/*rc :) 

I wonder why I see so much requests for documentation of our config files 
then. Must be my geeky fantasy world.

> Im thinking the same number of people 
> who used ResEdit and Resource Workshop probably edit rc files.   Even a
> sysadmin now days will just wack the file and move on, and why should they
> edit the file even with our token readability tag our poor sysadmin would
> be lost.  Its not like we document each kconfig entry anyway. 

That's rather a poor argument. because we do a poor job of documenting our 
configuration files we should make them more obscure? I think the correct 
answer is that we should provide a framework that makes documentation of 
configuration entries easier. This is a step backwards.

> Also 
> KAutoConfig automates the config process, so the developer wont have to
> maintain it either.  Really the only time it needs to be known what the
> value is is when they write a  conf update script.
> > > I might buy the list reorder argument, but thats where it stops.
> >
> > "list reorder"?
> Currently its "Plain Fuzzy Analog"  if in the future it became "Binary
> Plain Fuzzy Analog" it would get screwed up... so there an index -> mapper
> might make sense.  But as I said above, without starting to open up a LARGE
> area of special code to handle special cases, this is not trivial.

Maybe the design should be reevaluated then. It's rather a huge burden if we 
can no longer polish our UI without causing configuration breakage.

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