Missing php mimetype handler

David Faure dfaure at trolltech.com
Mon Jun 30 09:20:45 BST 2003

On Saturday 28 June 2003 23:51, Anders Lund wrote:
> On Friday 27 June 2003 10:58, James Michael Greenhalgh wrote:
> > Crossposting as I'm unsure who knows most about this.
> >
> > Is there any reason why no mimetype exists in
> > kdelibs/mimetypes/applications for x-php?  Should it even be x-php or is it
> > x-httpd-php (recall from Apache setup)?  I have a patch ready to commit
> > with an x-php.desktop, including source_php icons, but I was unsure if this
> > discussion has arisen before because it seems like an odd oversight.
> >
> > -James
> I don't know really. Does anyone in kde-core-devel have an opinion on this?

defines application/x-php, feel free to add that one to kdelibs.

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