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Ian Reinhart Geiser wrote:

> Really though normal developers should not see this right?  It should be 
> hidden in KDEs build system.  Or will we diverge enough from automake with 
> our syntax that we need to give the KDevelop guys a heads up so they can make 
> both normal auto* support and KDEs flavor?
> Please be kind to me, since im still not very clear on our build  system.

After looking through the makefile changes, it appears the only 
developer-visible differences are that you no longer need to make a 
bin_* and lib_* for a given kdeinit-capable binary, you just make a 
kdeinit_* one.  This is basically how my unsermake patch had done it.

Thanks, coolo!  My list of patches to send for kdelibs has dropped from 
over 100 to 19.  I'm working on merging sam magnuson's qt/mac stuff with 
my latest codebase and then I'll be working on getting more bits back 
upstream.  I did a bunch of that a week or two ago, but I'd been holding 
off because I have admin/ patches to submit.

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