introducing brockenboring

Michael Matz matz at
Wed Jun 25 16:53:35 BST 2003


On Wed, 25 Jun 2003, Lubos Lunak wrote:

> IIRC, last time I checked was useless for KDE anyway,
> because rpath comes first, and ignores

Of course.  But distris build without rpath.  Even the one you work for

> > So we made a short brain storm session today and came up
> > with the following idea: install a kdeinit module only and create
> > in bin a link to a binary that will be kdeinit without kdeinit:
> > "one binary to rule them all".
> So our solution to fix performance problems came to the point where it
> cripples performance once it got somewhat fixed (prelink). I hope this
> brockterribleword solution is non-unsermake users only?

unsermake solves it the correct way, yes.


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