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Tue Jun 24 00:30:52 BST 2003

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On Monday 23 June 2003 10:56, Alex Zepeda wrote:
> Currently there's a bug where if ispell is chosen, two ispell processes
> for each text edit box are launched, and the hilighting is still useless.  

It's on my TODO list to go back around and do some fixes in there; the code 
there is a mix of Don/TT/KMail/me, so nobody has really claimed the bugs.  

I was just looking at things and I noticed that in the current implementation 
it does create a new instance of KSpell for every textbox that uses it; I'll 
probably move to some kind of reference counted KSpell instance (basically a 
singleton with a reference count that deletes itself when nothing is using 
it), but I'm not sure if the fix should be in KSpell or 

Hmm, I also just noticed that there's no call to KSpell::cleanUp() in there, 
so I'll get that too.

I've noticed some of the highlighting bugs too, but haven't debugged them; I 
suspect that its some differences between KTextEdit and KEdit/QTextEdit since 
KMail (well, libkdenetwork) uses an almost identical class with a with the 
above and I haven't noticed these problems there.

I'm currently slowed down since I'm without DSL for (hopefully) a few days 
(Thanks Arcor!), but I'll try to get to this stuff next weekend.


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