Upon a fresh install of KDE..

Alex Zepeda zipzippy at sonic.net
Mon Jun 23 09:56:48 BST 2003

I noticed a few things.  I don't really have the patience to create a
bugzilla account to file the appropriate reports.  If that bothers you,
don't read further, and don't respond.  It's not a big deal.

The font chooser is not consistant between konqueror and kcmfonts.  While 
the WYSIWYG combo box is neat, IMO it just creates another way to do the 
same thing.  True, one doesn't select the font size from konqy, but 
kcmfonts also has an example of how to use the font dialog without being 
able to select the size.

The transparent kicker background doesn't apply to the hide/expand or the 
taskbar buttons (which, IMO it should).

Trying to add a directory to the nsplugins search path via the dialog does 
not work (it will only let you select files).

I had no graphics programs installed, and ran kappfinder (which IMO users
should be given the chance to run from the setup wizard).  My graphics
menu is populated (only) with non hidden non KDE apps, and it's absent
from the K menu.

Added xterm to kicker's launch bar (RMB -> Add -> Special -> Non KDE App).  
Launching xterm doesn't result in an item being added to the recent apps
list.  Selecting others buttons yields the exepected result.

One thing I never quite understood.. why is there an icon of a cake for 
the cookies bit of the konqy config dialog?

There is NO way to disable the infernal spell checker for konqy.  
Currently there's a bug where if ispell is chosen, two ispell processes
for each text edit box are launched, and the hilighting is still useless.  
This means if I end up on a page with lots of text edits, my system slows
to a halt.  From a useability standpoint this should be wrapped in with
the rest of the konqy config stuff, and should be able to be disabled.

Kappfinder should have a more complete description at the top.  "Then
click 'Apply'" should read something more like "Then click 'Apply' to add
the selected applictions to your K menu."  Apply should probably read
something different.

The build of kdelibs still fails on the first try.  Because the kde
libraries are not installed, meinproc fails to run.  Without digging into
the build system, I've noticed that the lack of presently installed
kdelibs seems to be detected, yet meinproc is still being called, causing
the kdelibs build to fail.

Speaking of kappfinder, the w3m entry should be fixed so that w3m loads
the a KDE startup page of some sort... otherwise the menu item is useless
as w3m quits with a help message.  Or, w3m -v would have w3m load its own
startup page (and not quit).

Additional icons: cookie, the bsd beastie (come on we've got the MacOS
face and plenty of penguins...).  Cake is good.. but cooookie.

P.S. The MMX/SSE code for the transparent menus is amazing.  On my system
where most of KDE is not very responsive, the transparent menus are
stylish and downright snappy.  Very cool.  Hopefully one of the trolls
will process and approve those iconview patches that are floating around,
and kfiledialog can be nice and snappy as well.

- alex

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