Trouble with gzipped files

David Faure dfaure at
Sat Jun 21 09:56:30 BST 2003

On Friday 20 June 2003 18:13, Lubos Lunak wrote:
>  Second part: Since KGhostview can handle ps.gz itself, I could try to add 
> *.ps.gz to as extension to the application/postscript mimetype. Now, after 
> clicking on a .ps.gz file, I get KGhostview ... and KGhostview error. 
> KGhostview uses "KFilterDev::deviceForFile( _fileName, _mimetype )" with 
> _mimetype being "application/ghostscript", and that's the problem. The .ps.gz 
> file is no longer considered gzip file, so this call will be basically a 
> no-op.
>   Either I assign *.ps.gz to application/ghostscript, in which case the right 
> app is started for the file, but won't be able to handle the file, or I don't 
> do this association, in which case the app can handle the file, but won't be 
> started. Even if KGhostview didn't explicitly pass the mimetype, KIO would 
> still find it out itself. Any magical solution?

Did you try associating *.ps.gz with application/x-gzpostscript?
In fact it's already associated with that, by default.
And - oh, kghostview is associated with application/gzpostscript without the "x-",
that's the bug. Fixed.

Of course the other solutions mentionned in this thread are better for the long term,
but this should get it working for now, for the particular case of *.ps.gz

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