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from my own experience ...
you can only override the mouse events from the "embedder", using the 
mouseClickEvent should work I think. If you have KActions defined in the 
embedder you should be able to override them really easily.

I don't think there is any way to control/modify the popup menu of the 
"embedded" app. The only thing you could do is stopping the mouseClickEvent 
before it gets sent to the "embedded" app, in this case you have to rewrite 
the whole KActions to create a new menu in the "embedding" app and using some 
way ask the embedded app to do something... (that's what I call 
communications protocol in vimpart, DCOP can be one for example).

you could get something like :
mouseClickEvent -> embedder popupmenu -> embedder processing -> communication 
with embedded app (DCOP?) -> embedded does what you ask it to do

hope this helps since I did not understand everything in your mail ;))


Le Mardi 17 Juin 2003 23:17, Sven Leiber a écrit :
> Hi!
> Is ther a way to have a signal if the mouse was clicked on a QXEmbed Widget
> or another way to make something if the mouse was clicked? We display the
> menus at that actions a know, but I whant to add there more actions to it
> and that actions are not managed by the QXEmbed itself or the programm that
> have created it. I whant to add there funktions that are in the
here I got lost :)

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