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Tue Jun 17 22:17:29 BST 2003

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Is ther a way to have a signal if the mouse was clicked on a QXEmbed Widget or 
another way to make something if the mouse was clicked? We display the menus 
at that actions a know, but I whant to add there more actions to it and that 
actions are not managed by the QXEmbed itself or the programm that have 
created it. I whant to add there funktions that are in the systemtrayapplet 
and they don't overwrite the old funtions. So I think the best way was, that 
there are some signals for that, but I havn't found something like that. If 
there was another way to do something like that can somebody mail it to me, 
or can we add signals for that to the Widget?
Here is some example I whant to do:
I whant to add a funktion with that you can change the position of the icons 
with a drag&drop funktion in the systemtrayapplet!
At the moment I have:
A way to save the positions of the icons in the systemtray. And you can change 
the posiotion by changing the configfile. I have saved the posiotn in a 
Stringlist!   :)

I hope somebody can help me with that problem, especially people from 
trolltech, because there was a copyright from trolltech in the QXEmbed 
Widget!   :)

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