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Sun Jun 15 09:50:35 BST 2003

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On Saturday 14 June 2003 11:27, Karol Szwed wrote:
> On  2003-06-14 22:00:15,  Daniel Naber wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >this patch removes the 0.5 second wait that occurs before the selected
> >style is shown in the preview. Any reason not to apply this?
> Yes, this should not be committed imvho.

i remember having this conversation with you last year sometime when i 
proposed the exact same change =) perhaps a comment in the source code is in 

> Can you please explain to me why a 0.5 second delay is an issue?

it makes it look like KDE's style loading is dog slow and the wait is annoying 
when trying to sample many styles. on my system the keyboard repeat rate is 
1/30th of a second with a quarter of a second start delay. this is quite a 
bit below 1/2 a second. perhaps the timer should have a more rational delay? 
or if it takes more than a certain amount of time to load the first style 
plugin, that the timer is used (to prevent horrific events) and otherwise not 
used so as not to penalize the rest of the world?

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