Style preview has a 0.5s lag

Karol Szwed kszwed at
Sun Jun 15 06:27:16 BST 2003

On  2003-06-14 22:00:15,  Daniel Naber wrote:
>this patch removes the 0.5 second wait that occurs before the selected 
>style is shown in the preview. Any reason not to apply this?

Yes, this should not be committed imvho.

The reason the 0.5 second delay is there is to ensure that if a user scrolls 
through the style listview via a keyboard,  the style preview is not updated 
when a user holds the up/down arrows while scrolling through the list. The 
0.5 second number was an arbitrary number selected to be greater than the 
keyboard repeat rate. 

I added the delay after seeing a user scroll through the list via keyboard on 
a low-end system, and the results were quite horrific, since they 
loaded/unloaded almost every style in the list, including the pixmap styles 
(yuck). The use of a timer fixed this problem.

Can you please explain to me why a 0.5 second delay is an issue?


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