Additions to kmilo - support for Sony Vaio laptops

Mirko Boehm mirko at
Thu Jun 12 14:21:04 BST 2003

Hi guys,

yesterday I commited some code I was working on for a while now, you might
have seen the CVS logs in kdeutils/kmilo/kmilo_kvaio.

The committed code contains
(a) a module for kmilo which provides support for the sonypi driver
(b) a config center module to configure the behaviour of the special
laptop function keys, jog dials and so on.

The module provides
- the emulation of jog dial scrolls as a mouse wheel (including middle
mouse button press on click),
- the possibility to adjust the display brightness using CTRL+JogDial
- and some more stuff, less important.

Everything is supposed to work out of the box (that is, if the sonypi
driver module loads successfully as a prerequisite). Even the existence of
a Vaio laptop is discovered automatically and the module is unloaded if it
cannot provide any function.

One hint: if you use a Vaio, and you started things like sonypid or
similar, remember to deactivate those, since they will interfere with the
driver event read operations.

If you have any comments or suggestions for improved functionality, go
ahead and tell. My plans are (1) implement volume control using
ALT+JogDial, (2) implement binding of FN+Key to desktop actions (start a
program, whatever) and maybe work on kmilo's module loading code, which
will create some trouble when there are 150 modules in future (2, so far

A standalone version (that ist, an application, not a kmilo module) of the
same code can be downloaded from, together with some
more information about the project.

Best regards,


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