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Wed Jun 11 20:58:09 BST 2003

On Wednesday 11 June 2003 20:27, Benjamin Meyer wrote:
> > When setCurrentItem( int index ) is called in QComboBox the signal
> > activated(int) is not emited.
> >
> > In situations where foo sets it and bar is watching this creates a
> > problem. (such as in the KDE clock applet, something everyone uses)

Ok it's not very consistent in Qt, but usually setFoo() shouldn't emit signal fooChanged().
We removed all that from KAction, because it was creating tons of problems.
If the code changes the state of the widget, it can also call whatever method
it needs to call. Signals should rather be for when the _user_ changes something.

IMHO you shouldn't expect that TT will change this, better find another way.

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