moving kdenonbeta/librss to kdenetwork/librss

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Mon Jun 9 04:03:24 BST 2003

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On Sunday 08 June 2003 09:15 pm, Frerich Raabe wrote:
> On Monday 09 June 2003 03:05, Tobias Koenig wrote:
> > I use the librss, which handels RSS/RDF files, from kdenonbeta for
> > a new newsticker plugin in kontact. This lib is stable as far as I can
> > see and maintained by frerich.
> > So are there any objections concerning moving it to kdenetwork?
> Fine with me personally. I wanted KNewsTicker to use it at one point
> anyway, so one might move it to kdenetwork just as well right now if
> there's a Kontact plugin using it.
> I remember that Ian has something in his pipe ("DCOP RSS") which uses
> librss as well though, maybe kdenetwork is inconvenient for him and he has
> a better place in mind?
Im all for DCOP RSS being moved to kdenetwork.  Ferich, how far is it away 
from being ready in your opinion?  Have we worked out all of the issues on 
searching with syndic8?  Can we live without those while we port KNT and 
Kontact to it?

Tobias, I know you love my dcopservices, wanna use another one? ;)

The advantage of dcoprss over plain librss is that if you are running KNT, and 
Kontact at once, maby along with the RSS sidebar, you might tick off a 
network admin reloading the same RSS file 3+ times in a row.  DCOP RSS 
provides a central way to search/manage and update RSS feeds and will keep 
server load down.

So far the konqi sidebar uses it, but I think the dcop portion of the API is 
close enough to usable for most projects.  

Just my 2c

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