Qt licensing questions

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at kde.org
Sat Jun 7 20:43:13 BST 2003


it seems the mailing list kde-licensing at kde.org doesn't exist anymore 
(http://mail.kde.org/mailman/listinfo/kde-licensing), so I don't know better 
than posting it here.

Well, I have some questions regarding the GPL/QPL versions of Qt, so here we 

The first question: at work I am developing a library for linux, which will 
(probably) be closed source. For testing purposes I need to write a small GUI 
test app and I'd like to use Qt for this. Now and in the foreseeable future I 
am the only linux-developer at work. AFAIK the GPL talks about issues when 
redistributing software.
Now, I am the only person who will ever (at least in the near future) use this 
Does the GPL allow to develop an app which links to a GPL lib if the resulting 
app isn't distributed at all ? Does the QPL allow this ?

Second question: in the future there might be a MacOS X developer.
I guess neither GPL nor QPL allow to give my closed source test app to him 
(including the source), under the condition that he doesn't have the right to 
give it away to other persons ?

Third question: it might happen that my test app becomes open source but the 
library I'm developing stays closed source. 
Would it be ok to link an open source app against an open source library (Qt) 
AND a closed-source lib ?
Would it be ok with GPL-Qt ? with QPL-Qt ? Which license would I have to use 
for the app ? Would GPL be ok ?

Thanks for an hints
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