[RFC] How do I tell the MainWindow that the Part won't work?

Christian Loose christian.loose at hamburg.de
Sat Jun 7 12:02:27 BST 2003

Hi guys,

We have a problem in Cervisia. 

In KDE HEAD, Cervisia uses the new cvs DCOP service to provide it's 
functionality to it's users. Without the DCOP service Cervisia won't work at 
all. Normally this isn't a problem because the part should be able to start 
the service.

Now to the problem: 
CervisiaPart starts the service in its constructor. Now if 
KApplication::startServiceByDesktopName(...) fails (e.g. user made a mistake 
while installing KDE), there is no way that the part can prevent the further 
processing by telling its calling app (CervisiaShell, Konqueror) that an 
error occurred. Instead the part is created but non-functional.

Does somebody have an idea?



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