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Sat Jun 7 10:17:23 BST 2003

El Friday 06 June 2003 11:22, Magnus Johansson escribió:
> On Friday 06 June 2003 00:39, Antonio Larrosa Jiménez wrote:
> > Btw, I know that lirc supports more than IR receivers bundled with TV
> > capture cards, but think about it, what is the percentage of people
> > using such receivers compared to the percentage of people using the
> > remote that came with the TV capture card ?
> Don't forget that about every laptop comes with an IR receiver.  I would
> love to be able to control my kpresenter presentations with an IR

Yes, that's also one of the things I had in mind when developing 
Finglonger. The problem is that you cannot use the IR receiver of most 
laptops as there are different kinds of IR receivers. The one laptops use 
are prepared to transmit lots of data at low distances (few centimeters), 
while the one you have to use in order to receive a signal from an IR 
remote is a "consumer IR receiver". Sometimes the laptop comes with both 
in the same receiver (so you think there's only one, but in fact there are 
two behind the black-red plastic), but from my experience those are a 

I made some experiments some months ago with my laptop, and it could only 
receive one of my remotes (the TV one, not the TV card one nor the VCR 
one), and only at a distance of less than 80 cm.

So I'm afraid that if you want to use a remote with a laptop, you'll have 
to build a serial IR receiver (there are schemes in the lirc homepage).

> wouldn't look in kdemultimedia for this tool.

If you have to look at the lirc homepage to build a serial receiver, you 
have to go and buy the components, build it, test it, etc. then you're not 
a "normal" user, so you're expected to find it by yourself. But I still 
things that "normal" users will look in kdemultimedia for it. Anyway, the 
majority decides.


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