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Antonio Larrosa Jiménez larrosa at
Fri Jun 6 13:16:25 BST 2003

El Friday 06 June 2003 02:19, Gav Wood escribió:
> > Anyway, if the general opinion is putting it in kdeutils, I'm ok with
> > that, as long as someone adds a way to quit irkick and restart it.
> since it's a kded service, to restart it all you have to do is go into
> kcontrol and under service manager select the lirc entry and press the
> stop button, followed by the start button.

Ok, thanks, I didn't thought of that.

Btw, given that I'm going to stop completely the development of finglonger,
I hope you can implement a few things that I had in mind.
First, it would be nice if you could add a way to configure an icon for 
each mode, that way, you could make the kicker icon of irkick change 
showing the current mode (I would do it by drawing a semitransparent 
version of the "mode icon" over irkick's icon, and possibly reducing it a 
few pixels and putting it on the right-bottom corner of irkick's icon).

Also, it would be nice if you could had a look at the way you handle the 
dcop arguments. I'm trying to add an action that calls kicker Mixer0 
increaseVolume(0) but it doesn't work (Mixer0 is there when you have 
kmix's applet in kicker, and the 0 device id is the one for the master 


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