New protocol proposal fishs://

Jörg Walter jwalt-kde at
Wed Jun 4 10:25:36 BST 2003

Am Friday, 30. May 2003 19:30, schrieb Jens Benecke:
> On Mon, Mar 24, 2003 at 11:21:44PM +0100, Jörg Walter wrote:
> > fish:// - connect foo at, su to root.
> > fish://
> >    - connect foo at, connect from there to
> > bar at
> > fish://
> >    - connect foo at, connect from there to
> > bar at, then on that machine su to root
> > and so on.
> Are you seriously considering this syntax for people who do NOT want to
> learn any command line commands? ;)

Are you seriously considering that people should remember 
http://user:pass@host.domain:port/path/filename#fragment? :-)

> There needs to be a "Connect" dialog window if you just enter "fish://"
> with username, password, host, perhaps "Gateway username/pw/host" and
> authentication method (ie. direct, SU, SUDO). This window could pop up
> when someone enters fish:// (without username/pw in the
> URL).

Sure, this is a possible solution, and one I actually like. But an URL is 
primarily a resource identifier and locator, so it is allowed to be mildly 
nontransparent. Remember that the common case is as clear as http, only those 
who do seriously strange things with their network environment access the 
esosteric features. Those people will have deeper insight into networking and 
protocols so I think this is bearable - even here the syntax is modeled after 
prior art. Feel free to send patches for your popup dialog if you think 
otherwise :-)


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