question about konqueror's WM_HINTS icon

Ralf Habacker Ralf.Habacker at
Wed Jun 4 07:10:18 BST 2003


currently some people are implementing an application icons display feature for
the cygwin/xfree xserver. In short, this feature improves the windows
integration, by using the original kde applications icon in the windows task
switcher and task bar.

The implementation uses the WM_HINTS property of the X system to retrieve the
window related application icon. While testing this feature, we have recognized
a unusual behavior of konqueror (release 3.x)

While many other applications provides a 32x32 sized icon (for example
khelpcenter, kate, kcontrol,konsole), konqueror uses 16x16 sized images with
different icon for different protocols.

This behavior makes no problems with kwin, because it displays the started tasks
with small
sized icons (probably 16x16 pixel sized) and a bigger image for the currently
selected application which seems to be provided by the _NET_WM_ICON (I assume).

Using another windowmanager (in our example cygwin/xfree in multiwindow mode)
results in a very bad task switcher resolution and needs implementing a special
_NET_WM_ICON support only for konqueror.

My question is, if this unusual behavior could be fixed.  I have detected the
relating code in konqueror/, but I'm not sure, where to look



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