Kate in HEAD constantly crashes when opened document changes on disk

Dawit A. adawit at kde.org
Tue Jun 3 04:53:16 BST 2003


Kate from head has recently became unusable for me because it just
crashes constantly and some of the things that used to work do not anymore!
Do any of the kate developers use their own baby ?  The crashes I encounter 
are almost always caused by an open file that has changed on disk for 
whatever reason, mostly a kdebug output file. The crashes themselves seem to 
be caused by the many assert calls in kdelibs/kate/katebuffer.*, specially 
the ones in KateBufBlock::line(unsigned).  Anyways, I am posting this here 
because I am hitting these assert points.  Can one of the kate developers 
please take a look ?  I cannot be the only one running into this problem.  I 
am using KDE HEAD (of course) and Qt 3.2 beta1 (qt-copy version).

BTW, while I am at it, changing the default hightlight scheme does not seem to 
work either :(

Dawit A.

P.S. Backtrace is attached.  It is probably of not much use...
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