[patch] reading from stdin in KWrite

Scott Wheeler wheeler at kde.org
Sun Jun 1 23:42:44 BST 2003

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This is a first shot at making KWrite read from stdin.

With this patch and the "-stdin" flag, you can pipe things into KWrite.

There are a few outstanding issues:

*) It doesn't do highlighting.  I don't know this code much at all, but I can 
figure it out if there's interest in getting this in.

*) It places the cursor at the end.

*) It only works if you're using the Kate part as your editor.  I got lost in 
the number of interfaces provided for this, but I didn't see an appropriate 
interface with a "setText()" method.

The biggest part of this patch is a s/katePart/m_katePart/ since I needed to 
add a method called katePart() and since the m_ is used on other member 
variables this seemed like the way to go.

Anyway -- let me know if others would find this useful and I'll clean it up 
and commit.


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