KIO event notification [was: Re: are GUI elements like Dialogs in a kioslave possible insomeway?]

aegir at aegir at
Wed Jul 30 10:29:37 BST 2003

>> For example, just create a table "kword_docs" in your RDBMS with a
>> trigger
>> on update, and you have a shared docs repository with a versionning
>> system, and history of modifications.
> That's unfortunately not possible, currently.
> A KIOSlave can't pass any trigger/notification/change events with the
> KIOSlave
> interface of current kdelibs to the using app.

Oh yes, it works, I've tested it.

I was speaking about Event/Trigger in the RDBMS itself.

In a RDBMS, you can define some specific SQL code to be executed when a
row is inserted/deleted/updated.

So, the KIOSlave have just to update a row (the modified KWord doc).
And the RDBMS will automagically execute some SQL tasks you've defined
when a such event (an RDBMS-update event) occures : storing the old
version of the kword_doc, increment version number, and storing  the new
version of the doc in a new row.

That's very easy, about 10 lines of SQL, and may be very usefull.

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