Commercial Free Software projects and KDE

Tim Jansen tim at
Wed Jul 30 18:47:25 BST 2003

On Wednesday 30 July 2003 16:34, Bernhard Reiter wrote:
> > You have to face that HEAD development is harder to calculate if you
> > don't include the time that you will need for recompiling newer stuff or
> > kdelibs over and over to have a deskop that will become the next KDE
> That's more than 25%. I currently estimate about additional 50% or more.
> Both points you've raised are major drawbacks for deployment
> of KDE in production environments on the cost side.

Is this a problem of HEAD kdelibs/Qt, or of developing in KMail HEAD?

I can't say that kdelibs/Qt cost me much time, I don't update very often (max. 
once per week, sometimes only every 1-2 months) and in the worst case I can 
always revert. Developing in a package like KMail, with a dozen other 
contributors working on things like Kontact is certainly difficult, no doubt, 
but this is neither a free software nor a KDE problem. If you want to 
minimize your effort you would have to ask other to stop contributing to 
KMail while you are working on it.


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