(PATCH) Default KDE factory erases other factories

Simon Perreault nomis80 at linuxquebec.com
Tue Jul 29 20:10:32 BST 2003


I am using QDesigner-made image libraries. This installs a default 
QMimeSourceFactory so that one can easily fetch an image using the filename 
of the image. The factory is installed before KApplication installs the 
default factory provided by KInstance. KApplication installs its default 
factory in a way that erases any previously set factories (there can be 
multiple default factories).

Would the following patch be acceptable? This is how the QDesigner-made image 
library installs its default mime source factory. See the documentation for 
QMimeSourceFactory::addFactory() for more information.

I'll commit this change if I don't get any replies.

--- kapplication.cpp    29 Jul 2003 16:44:37 -0000      1.604
+++ kapplication.cpp    29 Jul 2003 19:03:53 -0000
@@ -731,11 +731,11 @@ void KApplication::init(bool GUIenabled)
 //    kdisplaySetPalette(); done by kdisplaySetStyle

     // Set default mime-source factory
-    QMimeSourceFactory::setDefaultFactory (mimeSourceFactory());
+    QMimeSourceFactory::defaultFactory()->addFactory( mimeSourceFactory() );

     KConfigGroupSaver saver( config, "Development" );
     if( config->hasKey( "CheckAccelerators" ) || config->hasKey( 
"AutoCheckAccelerators" ))
         d->checkAccelerators = new KCheckAccelerators( this );

Simon Perreault <nomis80 at linuxquebec.com>

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