Qt 3.2 requirement

Chris Lee clee at kde.org
Mon Jul 28 18:16:52 BST 2003

> > Very interesting; however note that ATM it's quite likely that none of the
> > style developers will be there unless someone can convince Fredrik, or
> > unless Chris suddenly becomes wealthy.
> Why didn't he ask for fincial support from KDE e.V. ? It's still not too late.
> Anyway, information given out at NoveHrady will be distributed in electronic 
> form later. 
>  Matthias

Well, actually, I have (on two or three occasions, three IIRC) asked the
e.V. if they could possibly handle sponsoring the airfare that it would
take to send me to n7y. My latest inquiry has been met with complete

I would love to be able to go, and I also would be more than willing to
give a talk on the KStyle API. I haven't/hadn't submitted a whitepaper
for such a talk since I have been assuming (thanks to my lack of funding
and the e.V.'s lack of sponsorship) that I would not be able to go, so
it would be rather cruel to offer a whitepaper about a talk that I
wouldn't be able to give.


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